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C.T. & Associates
C.T. & Associates

C.T. & Associates provides a wide variety of industrial equipment for meeting OSHA, NFPA, and ATEX safety regulations. Whether you need Welding Fume Extraction, Oil Mist Control, or Dust Collection we can offer you a solution that fits your needs. We are also proud to provide Parts Washers, Solvent Reclaimers, Flashback Arrestors, and many other innovations to help your team stay safe and operate more efficiently.

With more than 25 years of experience helping businesses and governments, both large and small, we have the knowledge, skills, and resources to help your business too. Call us today at (248) 496-7375.

GasGrab Master U.S. Distributor of GasGrab Gas Cylinder Safety Grip - Helps prevent injuries while moving gas cylinders
New!  Allegro Industries High quality blowers, respirators, pumps, and confined space equipment.
Almco New PowerMaster Agitating Parts Washers, Heavy Duty, Ultrasonic, Multi-Stage, In-Line Conveyor & Rotary Drum Washers. Also, Vibratory & Spindle Finishing Equipment
Alsident Systems Lab quality Fume Exhaust Arms and Enclosures
AQC Dust and Fume Collection and Air Purification
Cronatron and others Maintenance Welding Materials and Assorted Aids
CleanMaster Anti-Freeze Recycler AF250/500 Remove particulates and restore anti-corrosives to save time, money, and the environment.
New!  Eurovac Vacuum Systems, Fume Extraction Arms, Portable Fume Extractors, Vehicle Exhaust Drops and Reels, Down Draft Tables and Fume Collectors
Fountain Industries Fountain Solvent & Aqueous Parts Washers, Ultrasonic & Specialty Cleaning Systems
KleenTec, KleerFlo and CleanMaster The Leader in Parts Cleaning Technology
MoveX/FumeX Movex Fume Extraction Arms & Cabinets, Vehicle Exhaust Systems
Nederman Air quality solutions for Fumes, Dust, Oil Mist, Vehicle Exhaust and High Vacuum
NovaFlex Sweeper & Vacuum Truck Hoses
Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting The Worlds Fastest Ducting - Great for chemical & food processing, woodworking, mining, plastics, and many other applications
New!  Penray (Formerly KleenTec Preparal 25 & 26 Inhibitor) Advanced inhibitor for automotive, heavy duty, and marine industries.
PlymoVent Welding Fume, Oil mist, and Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Equipment
Prestyl Heating Panels Simple, Safe, Reliable, and Efficient 1/2" heating panels perfect for homes, offices, RVs, and more
SuperFlash Compressed Gas Equipment: Flashback Arrestors, Check Valves, Thermal Spray Powder
New!  WATER WORKS INDUSTRIAL SOAPS BY KETECA Industrial soaps for aqueous parts washers of all types.

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