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AQC Dust Collecting Systems
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MAXITUBE: Baghouse Dust Collector with Compressed Air Pulse Cleaning MAXITUBE baghouse dust collector

  • Bag type filter elements cleaned with high pressure air pulses controlled by an automatic electronic sequencer

  • High efficiency venturi nozzles for efficient cleaning of the bags

  • Dirty air inlet plenum integrated to the dust collector

  • Designed for heavy dust loads to 100 grams/cubic foot of concentration

  • Air volumes from 1000 to 40000 CFM

MAXITUBE Features 

  1. A proven concept, MAXITUBE dust collectors can filter a wide variety of dusts in concentrations to 100 grams/cu. foot.  A separation plate protects the bags from the abrasive properties of dusty air and distributes this air evenly at a slower velocity into the bottom of the dust collector.
  2. A solid construction using welded steel sheets of 10 and 12 ga, capable of resisting to 20 in H2O negative pressure.
  3. A quality finish made possible by a paint application procedure in 3 steps.  Step 1 consists in a thorough preparation of the metal by the application of a phosphatized coating, after drying a base coat is applied following with an industrial light gray polyurethane finish capable of resisting tarnishing and rusting.
  4. Complete cleaning of the filters due to the very strong sonic shock wave produced by the ejection of a measured volume of compressed air from the MPH3 supersonic nozzles, strategically placed on the compressed air tubes.
  5. Excellent filtration efficiency by the use of needlefelt polyester tissues, of superior quality.  MAXITUBE is available with tissues such as polyester, acrylic, polypropylene and Nomex.  All of these tissues can have different finishes to solve specific dust problems, these finishes are singed, glazed, PTFE, silicone and ground wire.
  6. Designed for interior access to the filters using a walk way.  Some larger models (160 to 300) can be delivered with plenums for top bag removal.
  7. MAXITUBE dust collectors are compatible to all the different accessories that could be required for a complete and safe industrial application.

MAXITUBE Applications 

Metal Industry

  • Welding
  • Sandblasting
  • Grinding
  • Foundry dust

Wood Transformation

  • Saw mill
  • Molding industry
  • Cabinet makers
  • Furniture makers

Other industries

  • Plastics
  • Paint pigments
  • Cement
  • Stone cutting
  • Mixers
  • Flour mills
  • Rubber
  • Carbon black
  • Paper dust
  • Coal
  • Perlite

MAXITUBE Operation 

During operation, dusty air enters the dust collector from the side, the dust particles carried in the air collide with the deflector plate.  The air velocity is substantially reduced causing a downflow air motion that separates the heavier dust from the air while eliminating all abrasion to the nearest bags.  As the air is filtered, the dust residues form a dust coat on the bags. 

At regular intervals, a compressed air pulse is injected to all the bags in a row from the compressed air pipe, the resulting shock wave provokes the rapid expansion of the bag, breaking the formed dust cake that falls in lumps into the hopper. 



The dust collector housing and the hopper are built from 10 and 12 ga sheet steel with reinforcements capable of withstanding 20 in. H20 pressure differential.  The tube sheet is reinforced and continuously welded to insure air tightness without distortion.  A steel deflector plate is welded in place to protect the bags from the high velocity dust.  A removable walkway is installed on all models to 64a.  The walkway is fixed on larger models.  The hopper is designed with a 608 angle to facilitate the flow of dust and is finished with a flange.  A solid square tube structure with bracings forms a solid support structure.


Pulse cleaning is achieved by an electronic sequencer, with timer adjustment capabilities of the pulse frequency and duration.  This control can be used with a photohelic type control, the pulse sequence will begin only when the high-pressure limit setting is reached, and will stop when the low-pressure limit is attained. 


The air to cloth ratio is the most critical variable that can influence the cost of a dust collector, and its efficiency.  The higher the A/C ratio, the less expensive the dust collector will be.  Maxitube dust collectors equipped with MPH3 high volume nozzles insure that a strong air bubble will travel evenly within each bag from top to bottom throughout the pulsed row.  This great benefit makes Maxitube a better collector. 

Filtration Fabrics

High filtration efficiencies are reached by the meticulous choice of the filter fabrics, and the air to cloth ratio (see filter fabric table).  Maxitube offers a selection of the filtration fabrics the most apt at filtering specific dusts. 


  • Explosion venting as per NFPA 68

  • Abrasion resistant inlet

  • Service platform with ladder and guard

  • Rotary valves

  • Screw conveyors

  • Blowers

  • Special hoppers

  • Support extension

  • Spray heads

  • Spark detectors

  • Sequencer with digital functions and demand cleaning

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