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MAXIVIBE: Shaker Type Dust Collector with Envelope Filter 

  • Manual or automatic shaking system MAXIVIBE Shaker Type Dust Collector

  • Polyester felt envelope filters 

  • Direct drive integrated centrifugal blower

MAXIVIBE Features 

  1. Designed for low volume type applications, MAXIVIBE can filter a wide variety of dusts, and can adapt to different situations without the need for compressed air for cleaning.

  2. Solid construction using 12 and 16 ga steel sheet with adequate reinforcement, the cabinet is capable of withstanding 15 in. w.g. of negative pressure.

  3. A high quality finish made possible by a coating procedure in 3 stages, starting with a phosphatised surface preparation, followed by a polyurethane primer and a polyurethane top coat of light industrial gray very resistant to rust.

  4. Complete cleaning by manual or automatic shaking; the automatic shaking is programmed to last from 35 to 60 seconds after each unit stoppage.  The shaker control panel includes the fan contactor.

  5. Direct drive blower mounted directly in the cabinet with a high efficiency TEFC motor.  The backward inclined centrifugal blower is spark proof and is capable of moving the air silently without maintenance.

  6. Five models are available and cabinets can be paired to increase capacity.

  7. The support structure is available in 3 arrangements.

MAXIVIBE Operation 

During operation, dust-laden air enters the dust collector from the top of the hopper, the dusty air will first contact a deflector plate forcing the larger particles down into the dust box, and the air velocity is also reduced in this section.  The fine remaining dust is then carried upwards into the envelope filter and forced through the tissue, depositing it’s dust on the dirty side of the filter and forming the “dust cake.” 

The now cleaned air is drawn into the backward inclined impeller and is then exhausted outside the collector.  The “dust cake” formed on the dirty side of the filter can be dislodged by a manual shaking system or by an automatic filter shaking mechanism. 

Automatic Shaking Mechanism 

When the unit is stopped, a control system composed of a timer relay will be energized, after 30 seconds of settling, the shaker motor will come into action, providing a shaking action transmitted through a shaker bar to the envelope filter, the “dust cake” is then broken and the dust falls into the hopper section. 

After the shaking sequence has stopped, another timer will provide another settling time of 45 seconds before the unit may be turned on again for another filtering cycle. 

The manual shaker comes standard with the collector; the automatic shaking system is optional. 



The cabinet and the hopper are built of 12 and 16 gal steel sheets, reinforced with folded channel sections, providing a strong and rigid cabinet.  The hopper section is bolted to the cabinet and a large service door is provided at the front of the casing for easy envelope filter service. 

Paint Finish 

After completion and before final assembly, all components are treated with a phosphate-based coat, which degreases and treats the metal.  The cabinet is then primed with an epoxy-based undercoat and furnished with a highly resistant gray epoxy finish that is resistant to scratching, chipping, and fading.  The Maxivibe collector is then assembled and tested before shipping. 

Filter Assembly 

The filter assembly consists of several inverted “V” shaped pockets stitched into a single filter element.  The inlet of the filter element is held at the base on an angle frame and the shaker bar frame, which in turn is held in position in sleeve bearings on either side of the collector, supports each top of the “V”. 

Filter Materials 

The standard filter material is non-woven polyester felt for better dust release; this provides high filtering efficiency at low-pressure drops.  Other fabrics such as nylon, Terylene, P.T.F.E. and flame retardant coatings are available. 

Blower Assembly 

The B.I. type impeller is directly attached to a high efficiency TEFC motor mounted on the top of the collector, the centrifugal blower is installed inside the cabinet and is made of non sparking glass reinforced polyamide ensuring maximum performance. 


The standard Maxivibe dust collector comes equipped with a manual shaker and does not require any controls other than a starter for the motor.  When an automatic shaking system is ordered, a control panel is furnished.  This control panel includes the magnetic starters for the blower motor and for the shaker motor, a control transformer and timed relays are preconnected and ready for installation.  A remote start / stop switch is available when the dust collector must be started from a distance.  All motors are TEFC type and can be ordered explosion proof. 


Maxivibe dust collectors are selected by applying the adequate air / cloth ratio.  After having properly determined the air volume required to rid the production machines of the dust they produce, the air to cloth ratio is selected based on the type of dust and the concentration of the dust.  Dividing the air volume by the a/c ratio will produce a surface area corresponding to the required tissue area needed to adequately filter the dust without blinding the filter.

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