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Alsident System Fume Extractors
Precision Fume Extraction Systems

 Fume ArmAlsident System is a manufacturer of precision fume extractors for local exhaust. Legislation often requires individual fume
extraction systems for the protection of workers. Productivity and efficiency are also dependent on personal motivation.

Typical Uses
The electro engineering, electronics, micro engineering, laser technology, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, and foodstuffs
industries, as well as laboratories, hospitals, schools, and universities are typical users of exhaust process systems.

Extraction using an exhaust arm
An exhaust arm extraction system can be used for any work station where harmful substances are present in dangerous
The Classic Alsident SystemFune Extraction
The exhaust arm was originally developed for soldering benches, but can nw be used for many other purposes. The Alsident
System was designed to remove gasses, smoke, fumes, smells, and dust particles with the utmost safety. New accessories for the system are under constant and ongoing development in order to achieve optimal flexibility for the wide range of uses that
it is put to.

Something in the air?

Any job has to be preformed to satisfaction regardless of size. The volume of air to be extracted from a workstation depends
to a great extent on the concentration of harmful substances.

No internal supporting arm
In order to minimize noise emission and pressure loss, the exhaust arm is designed so that only the acid-proof threaded sleeves and springs are located inside the arm. Otherwise, it is self-supporting and can be adjusted to suit.

Easy to operate
Operating and maintaining the arm is easy. It can be adjusted to a new position with just one hand and dismantled for cleaning without the need for tools.

Table, wall, or ceiling mounting
Alsident System fume extractors are designed for easy mounting on table, wall, or ceiling, and, if necessary, can even be built into production machinery.

Alsident System makes a wide range of exhaust arms for everything from salon use to applications requiring anti-static materials (the ESD/EEx line) and applications requiring varying cfm of air flow. Please call us or visit Alsident System's website for
more technical data.
  Alsident Work CabinetAlsident System also produces a line of transparent work cabinet. These cabinets ensure a clean work environment by trapping particles and fumes produced by such applications as weighing, gluing, transfer of preparations, mixing of hair dyes, dental laboratory work involving grinding; for the cleaning of printed circuit boards with solvents; experimental work on workbenches; as well as many, many other uses.

Airborne particles are retained within the cabinet walls and safely removed via a separate extraction system. An economical choice for all sectors! Customized designs can be supplied to clients specifications!

Alsident System Work CabinetCheck out Alsident System's website for more information, or give us a call we'll be happy to answer all of your questions!


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