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Certanium 889SP-AC-DC "All Position Cast Iron Electrode"

The exclusive alloy design delivers crack-free welds on all cast irons - even steel to cast iron without preheating.

Superior Advantages:

  • All-Position Performance - Weld horizontal, flat, vertical, up-and-down and overhead allowing for fast cast iron repairs with equipment in place.
  • Versatile - Thermal expansion rates are compatible with both cast iron and steel. Assures crack-free results on all cast including gray iron, alloyed iron, ductile iron, nodular iron, Meehanite and even steel to cast iron.
  • Fully Machinable - High alloy and nickel content control base metal dilution, reduce brittleness and hardspots, providing solid, dense, crack-free, machinable deposits.
  • Unique Flux Coating - Eliminates porosity by cleaning the base metal. Permits porosity-free welds even on dirty, oil-soaked castings.
  • AC/DC - Performs equally well on AC or DC. Straight or reverse, even with small AC buzz boxes.

Technical Information:
Tensile Strength: Up to 84,000 PSI (648 MPa)
Hardness: 180 - 220 BHN


  • Alloyed iron

  • Ductile iron

  • Meehanite

  • Gray iron

  • Nodular iron

  • Steel to cast iron

  • Crankcases

  • Cylinder blocks

  • Housings

  • Impellers

  • Machine bases

  • Slurry pump housings

  • Transmission cases

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