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Cronatron Black Stallion Welding BlanketCronatron/Certanium Weld Systems Presents...

The Black Stallion Welding Blanket

With These Features

  • Black Knight welding Blankets are made with a carbon fiber fabric that was developed from NASA technologies and is extremely fire and heat resistant.
  • Versatile blankets are soft and light weight, providing incredible ease of use.
  • Perfect for automotive applications
  • Tough, tear resistant material
  • Easy to clean, just shake, vacuum, or blow meta particles out.


  • Withstand temperatures to 3000 degrees
  • ASTM E84-97 a scores: Flame Spread Index = 7; Smoke Index = 4
  • Meets and exceeds all standards of NFPA 70 (Standard method of fire Tests for flame resistant textiles and films)
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