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Cronatron Blaze Out safety products

Blaze Out Safety Products
For Oxy-acetylene or Oxy-fuel Gas Cutting and Welding

Welding gases have twice the power of an equal amount TNT. Use Blaze Out Flashback Arrestors and Connectors to protect against flashback, gas reverse flow and burn backs.

  • Blaze Out Flashback Arrestors are used on both the torch to protect the welder and gas lines; and on the regulator to protect the regulator, cylinder and gas supply

  • Blaze Out Quick Connectors can save time and money by allowing welders to set up, change over, or put equipment away fast and easy

  • Blaze Out Flashback Arrestors and Connectors meet OSHA, CSA, ISO and ANSI Safety Guidelines

View a diagram of the Blaze Out Flashback Arrestors (Adobe PDF format)  and see how Cronatron improves the safety of your job site. View other Cronatron Products

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