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Dimension I

Chromium Carbide Overlaid Pipes and Pipe Components

Cronatron now offers a very noble, high-quality chromium carbide overlayed deposit on pipe sections and associated pipe components. The overlay is applied to the inside diameter (I.D.) of pipes as small as 2". The standard straight sizes and maximum lengths are tabulated below, however, other sizes and lengths are available upon special request and the pipes can be field welded or flanged together to provide any desired length. In addition to straight length pipes, other pipe forms can be manufactured in the same manner, e.g. elbows, Y sections, etc. These also will have to be handled as a special request when all the pertinent information is submitted.Cronatron Dimension 1 Chromium Carbide Overlaid Pipes 

Superior Advantages:

  • Bulk hardness: Rc 58 - 60

  • High carbide content

  • Outperforms ceramic lined pipe in terms of wear life

  • Does not chip like ceramic linings

  • Consistent weld bead transition resulting in a smooth and flat overlay

  • Supplied with straight or beveled edges for field installation

  • Welded flanges are available upon special request

  • Excellent bead tie-in with no abrupt bead heights to interfere with media flow

  • Available in various straight length sizes and, elbows, Y sections, etc.

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