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Fountain Industries Parts Washers
  Fountain Industries: R&D CleanMaster, KleenTec EcoMaster

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KleenTec Aqueous Parts Washers

EcoMaster 40 50 gallon parts washer with heavy-duty automated lift system.
EcoMaster 50 Bench top parts washer.   Available with heater.
EcoMaster 150 Heavy-duty parts washer.   (EcoMaster 80 and EcoMaster 150)
EcoMaster 230S Drum mounted stainless steel aqueous parts washer.
EcoMaster 235 Aqueous parts washer mounted on a heavy-duty polyethylene drum.
EcoMaster 1350H A drum mounted parts washer that can be serviced quickly.
EcoMaster 1435 Portable washer great for break cleaning.
EcoMaster 4000 Aqueous parts washer with mechanical agitation.
EcoMaster 5000 Reservoir mounted parts washer with dual filtration system.
EcoMaster 6000 45 gallon aqueous parts washer.   Made portable with available cart.
parts washer em7000 EcoMaster 7000 A modular unit you can easily upgrade as your needs change.

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R&D Parts Washers (Solvent)

CleanMaster 60 Table top solvent parts washer.
CleanMaster 80 80 gallon, heavy-duty solvent parts washer with agitating lift.
CleanMaster 150 150 gallon, heavy-duty solvent parts washer with agitating lift.
CleanMaster 200 Clean & soak parts washer.   Great for small engine repair.
CleanMaster 230 Drum mounted solvent parts washer.
CleanMaster 400 Portable solvent brake washer.
CleanMaster 440 Clean & soak parts washer with adjustable shelves.   9" soaking depth.
CleanMaster 1007 Bench top solvent parts washer.
CleanMaster AF250 Anti-freeze recycling system.   Saves you time and money!
CleanMaster IC Agitating drum washer.

MasterLine Spin-on Canister Filters Last longer and filters more effectively than standard wound filters.

EcoMaster Chemicals

  • Storm Cabinet Wash Solution
  • Heavy-Duty Degreaser

CleanMaster Chemicals

  • Hi-T Degreasol - General purpose cleaning solvent
  • F99 Odor-Free Solvent
  • 99R Non-hazardous Degreasol
  • F88 Fast Drying Solvent

Accessories & Parts

      We are happy to supply the parts and accessories that go with the parts washers listed on this page.
      Please call us at (248) 496-7375 if you have any questions.

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