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Kleentec Kleer-Flo
Aqueous Parts Washers

Kleentec Kleer-Flo KT4000 parts washerFlexible Spigot, Flo-Thru Brush, Soaking Parts, Designed to Accommodate Water-Based Degreaser Heated to 110 degrees

Features: KT4000

  • Corrosion resistant heavy duty pump
  • Heavy-duty roto-cast thermoplastic cleaning basin with large cleaning capacity.
  • Two removable stainless steel shelves.
  • Parts washer completely supported by huavy-duty stand and 3 cross braces.
  • Ground fault circuit interupter for added shock resistant safety.
  • Filter system - Prolongs fluid life
  • Soaking capacity up to 30 gallons.
  • Spigot with fluid control valve.
  • Designed for non-flammable water-based cleaning solutions.
  • Heater thermostatically controlled-preset to 110 degrees.
  • Spring loaded stainless steel lid closure with "fire link".
  • Low level fluid sensor.
  • Mechanical agitation - 15 spray heads with fluid control valve.
  • Dual switches - heater and pump.
  • Flo-Thru brush with adjustable fluid control.
  • CSA and NRTL/C approved.
  • Optional oil skimmer available.

Designed to Last!

Kleentec Kleer-Flo KT5000 parts washerDrum Mounted Heated Parts Washer
Designed for use with Aqueous-Based Cleaning Solutions

Features Include: KT5000

  • CSA and NRTL/C approved.
  • Corrosion resistant heavy duty pump.
  • Spigot with adjustable fluid control.
  • Flo-Thru brush with adjustable fluid control
  • Designed for easy servicing - parts washer can be removed from fluid reservoir in minutes.
  • Reservoir engineered to provide excellent tank stability.
  • Long lasting heavy-duty roto-cast thermoplastic parts washer and fluid reservoir - built to last!
  • Filter system prolongs fluid life.
  • Automatic thermostat preset to 110 degrees.
  • Low level fluid sensor.
  • Stainless steel lid door closure.
  • Ground fault circuit interrupter for additional safety.
  • heater, pump, thermostat, and fluid level sensor mounted in reservoir for easy tank service.
  • 115 Volts, 15 amps
  • Operating fluid capacity 25 to 30 gallons.
  • Dual switches - heater and pump.
  • Optional oil skimmer available.

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