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Plymovent Fume & Dust Extraction

Plymovent welding fume extractionPlymoVent AB develops and manufactures a comprehensive product line which, in a logical and cost effective way, will solve many of the environmental problems associated with the modern workplace.

These products have been specifically designed to increase productivity and reduce costs for ventilation, heating, and cooling in electronics, welding, manufacturing, plastics, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

They have thousands of satisfied customers all over the world, everything from one-man operations to large scale multinational blue chip organizations.

CE Endorsed Products
Improvements are an ongoing process. PlymoVent has invested substantial resources in quality and product

Since January 1995 all PlymoVent products are EES-adapted.  This means that our products are CE Endorsed and comply with electrical and mechanical directives for the highest personal safety.

ISO 9001 quality
PlymoVent AB, Sweden, is ISO 9001 certified since autumn 1995.  This means that the entire company functions according to a documented quality system.  As their customer you can rest assured that PlymoVent will do their utmost to ensure that you receive the highest possible quality when dealing with them.

PlymoVent ensures clean fresh air, contributing to greater efficiency and a healthier work environment. 

Plymovent exhaust hosesPlymoVent Products

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