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KleenTec Product Manuals (Download)

Product Manuals

If you are seeking an older KleenTec or Kleer-Flo model, or its components, we can help. Although some of these products are no longer manufactuered we can find them or help you select an appropriate replacement.

Please feel free to download the KleenTec manuals listed below, and call us if you have any questions. Check this page often as we will be updating it frequently.

KleenTec PW200 manual
KleenTec PW500 manual
KleenTec PW1000 manual
Almco PW200 diagram & parts list

KleenTec AF250 - AF250HS manual
KleenTec AF500 - AF500HS manual

KleenTec model 65 - J50 - RK60 manual and parts list
KleenTec J80 manual

KleenTec KT4000 manual

KleenTec KT6000 & EM6000 manual

KleenTec KT-1045 manual

KleenTec KT9000 manual
KleenTec KT9600 manual
KleenTec KT9600 diagram

KleenTec A35 manual

KleenTec KT1030 manual
KleenTec KT1316 & KT1330 manual

SprayMaster 9200 manual
SprayMaster 9400 manual
SprayMaster 9800 manual


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To view idividual product description pages, click the links below.

PW 125, 200, 500, 1000, 2000
KT9000 Agitating Washer
KT8500 Ultrasonic
PW50 Dual Agitated Immersion Washer

60&65, J70, J80 Two-Level Parts Washers
KT1316 and KT1330 Heavy-Duty Solvent Washers
KT1030 and KT1045 Solvent Parts Washers
KT1450 and KT1460 Paint Gun Cleaner

A35 Aqueous Parts Washer
KT4000 and KT5000 Aqueous Washer
KT5600 Heated Drum Washer
KT1435 Aqueous Brake Washer

AF250, AF500 Anti-Freeze Recycler
KT3000 Anti-Freeze/Coolant Service System
Ecomaster 7000 Modular Parts Washer

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