Anti-freeze Recycler

CleanMaster AF250 / AF500

A dream come true for automotive service centers and fleet operations. CleanMaster anti-freeze recyclers save you money and help the environment. In 3 easy steps harmful particulates are removed and anti-corrosive additives are restored. No hot vapors or heating and cooling cycles - press start and walk away! The recycled coolant meets GM and ASTM standards. Available in 25 or 50 gallon capacities.


  • Lowest cost-per-gallon of recycled coolant
  • Passed stringent testing and earned General Motors approval for DEX-COOL® mixtures
  • Saves the environment, money and creates profit
  • Easiest anti-freeze recyclers to operate; no hoses to cut, easy filter changes, no special wiring required
  • Fill through Strainer Filter Bag
  • Anti-Freeze drained from vehicles is poured easily into the 25 gallon "Dirty" tank through bag type filter in top of machine
  • Comfortable loading height
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Patented Model AF250
  • Cleaned anti-freeze is recycled into an optional PL drum where it may be dispensed through optional R10 Roto-Pump when needed
  • Easy access to filters and gauges
  • Recycled coolant meets GM and ASTM standards when using the AF250 and Preparal®


Operation is as easy as 1-2-3!

1.   Simply pour used coolant through the strainer bag into the "Dirty" tank. After you reach the fill level, place the output hose into an empty, clean drum.

2.   To begin the recycling process, hit start and walk away. The recycling begins through the ultrafiltration process and shuts itself off automatically.

3.   Then, simply add Preparal® to the recycled batch to restore the proper balance of additives to maintain the anti-corrosion properties of the coolant. Check the freeze-point and adjust if necessary. The recycled coolant meets GM and ASTM standards.


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