Nederman Products

Nederman has been providing solutions for air pollution control for more than 70 years. Recognizing that sustainable production can only take place when workers and equipment are adequately protected from fumes, dust, and mists produced by industrial processes, Nederman has continued to innovate multiple product lines.

Whether your process requires source capture, hoses and ducting, fans, filters, or large scale collection, Nederman can meet your needs. Industries served include: Welding and metal working, composite machining, woodworking, vehicle services, fire & emergency stations, material handling & rycycling, process industry & energy, laboratory & electronics, food production, and many more.

Below is just a small sample of the products offered by Nederman. For a full catalog, please visit the Nederman website. We can assist you with anything you need.

Fume Arms

Extraction Arm Original



Extraction Arm, Telescopic

Mobile Filters



Fume Eliminator

FilterMax, C25

Hoses & Reels

Hose Reel H30

Hose Reel 884

Hose Reel 886

Hose Reel 889

Stationary Filters

MJB Tubular Bag Filter

MJC cartridge dust collector


CJ Cyclofilter

Fans & Pumps

Portable Fans

N-Series Fans



Explosion Isolation

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