KleenTec & Kleer-Flo parts washers

KleenTec / Kleer-Flo has a corporate slogan, "The Sensible Solution". As a leader in the parts cleaning technology industry we believe our parts washers, solvent re-claimers and cleaning chemicals offer sensible solutions for most industrial and commercial applications.

Parts washers are used to pre-clean machine and equipment parts in repair shops and industrial maintenance departments. They use chemicals that are either petroleum based or environmentally safe detergents mixed with water to remove dirt, grease and oils from parts prior to assembly or repair. New parts are also cleaned prior to welding or final packaging.

Customers with just a few parts can save time and money with one of our deep drawn sink units. Alternately, customers with large parts or production quantity applications will find a full line of Agitated Immersion and Rotational Spray Cleaning Systems.

Brake Cleaners, Anti-freeze/Coolant Service Systems, Solvent Separators, Spray Gun Cleaners, Solvents, Aqueous Detergents and Parts Washer Accessories fill out a line that will tackle any parts cleaning job.

PowerMaster Agitating Parts Washers

CleanMaster Parts Washers & Fluid Treatment

Two Level Parts Washer

Heavy Duty Solvent Parts Washer

Small Parts Washers

Portable Brake Washers

KT1030 and KT1045 Solvent Parts Washers

Paintgun Cleaner

Ultrasonic Parts Washer - High Grade Ultra Sonic Cleaner

Aqueous Parts Washers:

A35 - Convenient, Low cost cleaning

KT4000 and KT5000 - also available for Bioremediation

1350H - Economy Heated Drum Washer

KT1435 - Portable Aqueous Brake Washer

KT6000 - 45 Gallon Industrial Washer

Fluid Treatment

Antifreeze Recycler/Reclaimer

KT3000 Antifreeze/Coolant Service System


SprayMaster Cleaning Systems

SprayMaster KT9600 and KT9400 - Frontload Cleaning System

SprayMaster KT9800SS - Stainless Frontloading System

SprayMaster KT9200 and KT9100 - Top Loading Systems


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