Heavy-Duty Solvent Parts Washers

KT1316 and KT1330

These parts washers offer one of the deepest drawn tanks in the industry. Designed for convenient cleaning of large parts.


  • UL-CSA Approved heavy duty 110 volt 60 Hz pump
  • Dual cleaning system. Use flexible metal spigot or the heavy-duty flo-thru brush.
  • Drain filter system. Designed for easy cleaning.
  • Spring loaded lid closure with "fire link".
  • Bottom design of washer allows all fluid to flow to filter system.
  • Tank design features heavy-duty galvanized steel.
  • Filter system mounting brackets.
  • Electrostatic paint for strong reliable finish.
  • Formed rolled edges for added safety.
  • Overlapping cover design to reduce evaporation when parts washer is not being used.
  • CSA and NRTL/C Approved.


Specifications Industrial Grade Economy Grade
Model KT1316 KT1330 KT1216 KT1230
Tank Depth 9 in. 9 in. 8 in. 8 in.
Tank Length 31 in. 35 in. 28 in. 32 in.
Tank Width 21 in. 27 in. 16 in. 20 in.
Overall Height 55-1/2 in. 62-1/2 in. N/A N/A
Shipping Weight 58 lb. 72 lb. 55 lb. 65 lb.
Optional Drum Part. No. P/N 7032 P/N 7033 P/N 7032 P/N 7033
Optional Lite Part. No. P/N 5007 P/N 5007 P/N 5001 P/N 5001

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