Model A35 Parts Washer

The move to water based parts washing is an investment for the future, but only if you the right equipment. One look at the patented features and construction of the Model A35 will tell you it's not only built for convenient, low-cost cleaning, but also for years of safe, dependable service.

  1. Effective cleaning in heated solution. Safe, energy efficient thermostatically controlled heater preset to 110 degrees F boosts cleaning power.
  2. Sink soaking capacity up to 300 lbs. Accommodates 20 gallons of water (160 lbs) and still allows ample capacity for soaking parts in accessible, oversize sink. Flo-thru brush and sink stopper supplied
  3. Solution stays clean. Oil skimming features and sink drain design keep surface oils from contaminating clean solution.
  4. Trouble free oil removal. Integrated weir continuously skims floating oil from the sink. Accumulated oil is removed through the weir drain valve from machine base.
  5. No particulate problems. Externally mounted unique bag type cartridge filter captures abrasive materials when cleaning critical parts and helps keep solution clean for a longer life.
  6. Operator safety. Includes GFI protection, high temperature cutout, and an air actuated switch, operated by hand or knee, that controls recirculating pump & separates operator from electrical contact.
  7. Rugged high density polyethylene construction. No worries about corrosion, dents, cracks, or peeling. Double wall construction offers high strength.
  8. Low liquid level shut off/indicator light. Indicates when solution should be added to machine. Automatically shuts off heater and pump when fluid level gets too low for safe operation.
  9. Easy access to machine base. Hinged sink tips to the side for easy access to machine base.
  10. ETL Approved.


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