Certanium 707 Electrode

A super-strength, universal, all-position engineered maintenance electrode for all steels. Eliminates the guesswork in choosing the correct electrode.

Superior Advantages:

  • Operates on AC or DC
  • Welds through contaminants for reduced preparation time
  • Spatter is virtually eliminated and little or no cleanup is required
  • Easy slag removal
  • No electrode overheating
  • Extremely easy strike and restrike - hot or cold
  • Smooth, flat weld beads
  • Wide amperage range

Technical Information:
Tensile Strength: Up to 120,000 PSI
Yield Strength: Up to 96,000 PSI
Elongation: 20% minimum
Hardness: Rc 20-23 as applied

Certanium 707 is available in MIG as: Certanium 707M.

Pump Housings, Stainless Steel Parts, Augers, Rails, Cranes & Forklifts, Machinery & Equipment, Gear Repair, Broken Stude Removal, Sprockets, Tools & Dies, Rotors & Blades, Shafts

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