Water Works Heavy Duty Degreaser


Biodegradable       Non-Comustible       Non-Flammable       Non-toxic       Non-Corrosive

A safer alternative to hazardous cleaning chemicals, Heavy Duty Degreaser Concentrate is suited for a range of industries including Industrial Maintenance, Machining, Mining, Automotive Manufacturing, and Printing. Leave the mineral spirits, caustics, and butyl-based products behind, and start enjoying a safer way to clean.

an be used on any surface compatible with water:

  Aluminum   Copper   Concrete
  Carbon Steel   Acrylic   Vynyl
  Stainless Steel   Rubber   Tin
  Bronze   Titanium   Viton
  Painted Surfaces   Brass  

Water Works Heavy Duty Degreaser Concentrate cleans effectively in the following applications:

Aerospace/Aviation, Agriculture and Farming, Performance Racing, Marine, Nuclear Power, Municiple Services, Railroad, Utilities, Pulp and Paper, Automotive Manufacturing.