Prestyl Far-Infrared Heating Panels


What makes Prestyl different?

Bringing together more than 16 years of research and development, Prestyl USA offers a highly efficient and long lasting heating solution perfect for a variety of situations. Whether you need to heat your home, a chilly office, a factory, or a recreational vehicle, Prestyl has the answer. In fact, Prestyl's heating panels can even be found in hospitals, rail cars, assisted living homes, and yoga studios.

Far-Infrared heating may sound fancy, but it's actually very similar to the way the sun provides heat, and without any ultraviolet rays. Unlike traditional heating methods which heat the air around you, creating an uncomfortable and stuffy environment, Prestyl heating panels heat people and objects directly with healthy "invisible light" at wavelengths in the 7,500 to 10,000 rm (7.5 to 10 micrometer) range. This region of the spectrum is also called Far or "therapeutic infrared."

In contrast, other infrared appliances, such as infrared heat lamps can reach temperatures up to 4000° F. These operate in the visible part of the infrared spectrum and can actually cause eye and skin damage during prolonged exposure. Remember, Prestyl operates only in the very safe and therapeutic far-infrared range. Prestyl's proprietary thin-film technology products low temperatures in the 200° F range - about the temperature of a cup filled with fresh coffee.

Besides the immediate effect of warming people in the space, Prestyl's far-infrared operates at a part of the spectrum that allows it to travel through the air virtually unimpeded to heat floors, walls, and other surfaces. The primary advantage is heat saturation. When doors or windows are opened the warmth does not escape, but stays in the floor and objects. Within seconds to minutes of closing the door or window the space is warm again. Unlike traditional heating, there is no transportation or duct loss - no conversion loss, and no air-flow loss. All stored energy can be used.

Complete Customization

Virtually any image can be placed on our heating panels, allowing you to create a heating solution that not only provides safe, efficient heat, but also looks perfect for your space. A memory in the mountains, or a beautiful picture of sunset at the beach, or a portrait of you and the family - whatever it is, you can have it on your heating panel. If you're not the greatest photographer we have a collection of beautiful stock images for you to choose from, turning a simple heating element into a conversation piece.


Safe and Reliable Heat

Not only do our heating panels produce safe, "therapeutic" far-infrared heat, they also boast a set of safety features that competitors can't offer. The heart of Prestyl's heating technology is a unique proprietary thin-film element built to ISO-9001 standards. With no heating coils and no moving parts, Prestyl heating panels have an expected useable life of dozens of years. More importantly, our panels are fiberglass free. While many competing products use dangerous fiberglass insulation, Prestyl uses hypoallergenic wool-based insulation in a sealed housing made from recycled aluminum.

Prestyl's products have been tested and have surpassed some of the world's most stringent performance and safety standards:



Size Power 120V 208V 240V 277V
12x36" 125W - - - -
20x20" 275W 2.5A 1.5A 0.7A -
24x24" 400W 4.5A 2.6A 1.3A 2.0A
24x48" 750W 8.4A 4.8A 4.2A 3.7A
42x42" 1100W 12.4A 7.1A 6.2A 5.4A

Note: All current draws are shown at worst case (high voltage tolerance) conditions at 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius). The panels are self-regulating; the current goes down as the panels heat up.

Who Uses Prestyl Heating Panels?

You can find Prestyl Heating Panels in a wide variety of industries and businesses including:

Offices, factories, yoga studios, gyms, retirement homes, rail cars, recreational vehicles - any space that requires efficient heating.

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