AQC MAXIROLL / MAXICART: Portable filtration unit



When source capture is needed in welding, grinding, sanding, or dusts applications, the MAXIROLL portable filtration unit will remove and filter 99.97% of those contaminants recycling purified air into the workplace. The cartridge means lower downtime for maintenance and minimal labor costs. The MAXIROLL is offered with a 6” (150mm) extractor arm or the unit may be hard ducted for permanent installation near the workstation.

The MAXICART is the MAXIROLL’s big brother and is perfectly designed for heavy duty welding, grinding, gouging, or plasma cutting application. It’s tremendous air volume (1500 C.F.M.) at the hood will draw harmful pollutants through a single 8” (200mm) or two MAXICART portable filtration unittwo (2) 6” (160mm) MAXAIR fume arms. The MAXICART can also be hard ducted for permanent installation. Cleaning of the two (2) Spun Bond polyester cartridges is reduced to a simple push on the palm button which releases the air from the reserve tank into the Venturi assisted air stream through the filters. Even though impressive in size, the MAXICART is easily wheeled into place due to it’s large swivel locking castors. The direct drive 3450 R.P.M. backward inclined motor-fan assembly is available in different voltages. Sound insulation foam in the rugged powder coated finish steel cabinet keeps sound level at it’s lowest.

MAXICART Standard Features

  • 1500 C.F.M. at the hood (2500M3/H)
  • Self cleaning by air pulse
  • 5 gallon compressed air tank for cleaning
  • Venturi assisted cleaning
  • Spark proof fan wheel
  • Powder coated finish cabinet
  • Sound insulation in cabinet
  • Spark trap filter
  • Dust re-entrainment prevention
  • Removable collector tray
  • Large swivel locking casters
  • 2 Spun Bond polyester cartridges
  • Spark trap aluminum filter
  • Charcoal after filter

MAXICART / MAXIROLL Filters Description

  • Spark trap aluminum filter: washable or cleanable by shop compressed air
  • Spun Bond polyester main cartridges: self cleaning by manually activated air pulse from integrated tank (2 cartridges on the Maxicart model)
  • Charcoal after filter: replaceable (non regenerating). Lifetime my vary with usage

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MAXIVIBE is a great fit for:

  • Ferrous or non-ferrous manufacturing
  • Plastics and composites fabrication
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Food industries
  • Small to medium size shops
  • Training facilities
  • Vocational schools