AQC MAXIVIBE: Shaker Type Dust Collector with Envelope Filter


Designed for low volume type applications, MAXIVIBE can filter a wide variety of dusts, and can adapt to different situations without the need for compressed air for cleaning.

Solid construction using 12 and 16 ga steel sheet with adequate reinforcement, the cabinet is capable of withstanding 15 in. w.g. of negative pressure.

A high quality finish made possible by a coating procedure in 3 stages, starting with a phosphatised surface preparation, followed by a polyurethane primer and a polyurethane top coat of light industrial gray very resistant to rust.

Complete cleaning by manual or automatic shaking; the automatic shaking is programmed to last from 35 to 60 seconds after each unit stoppage. The shaker control panel includes the fan contactor.

Direct drive blower mounted directly in the cabinet with a high efficiency TEFC motor. The backward inclined centrifugal blower is spark proof and is capable of moving the air silently without maintenance.

Five models are available and cabinets can be paired to increase capacity.

The support structure is available in 3 arrangements.


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MAXIVIBE is a great fit for:

  • Ferrous or non-ferrous manufacturing
  • Plastics and composites fabrication
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Food industries
  • Small to medium size shops
  • Training facilities
  • Vocational schools