SuperFlash - Inline Fuel Gas & Oxygen Filters

Designed for use in pipelines, the new GF-25 Inline Gas and Oxygen Filters are very user friendly and can be used with a variety of gases, including oxygen and many other technical gases.

Fuel Gas model 1" NPT F x 1" NPT F Part # 0701-3393
Oxygen model 1" NPT F x 1" NPT F Part #: 0701-3394
Replacement Filter - Part #: 0701-3399

  • for installation in horizontal and vertical gas pipelines.
  • can be installed in existing gas pipelines and is immediately ready to operate.
  • easy to assemble.
  • available for many technical gases allowing for a wide range of applications.
  • flow enhancing design for high flow rates.
  • filter cartridge, made of chrome-nickel steel or sintered bronze, for the finest filtering of mechanic contaminations.
  • user friendly design for simple cartridge change.


The filter cartridge must be checked regularly and replaced as necessary. The dust filter may be replaced by qualified personnel.

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