SuperFlash - Quick Connectors

Setting up and taking down equipment easily and quickly can be made possible with quick connectors. Meeting ISO 7289 and EN 561 standards, these quick connectors automatically cut off gas flow when disconnected. They feature all brass construction with stainless steel coupling pins.

  • Automatic gas cut-off when disconnecting
  • "Top Hat" sealing provides more reliable and consistent interface between the pin and coupler
  • Connections of pins and threads according to ISO 7289
  • Oxygen and fuel gas models are gas specific so they cannot be accidentally cross connected
  • Cycle tested to 6000 'makes and breaks' - 5000 connections more than required by EN 561

Available Models
G1-8     G1-12     G2-8     G4-8
G4-12     GKD-8     GKG-12     GKG-8
GKG-12     GKG-8     GKT-8     GKT-12
DKD     DKD Tophat     DKG     DKG Tophat


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