SuperFlash - Thermal Spray Equipment and Powder

We carry a variety of thermal spray equipment as well as combustion powders and accessories. Whether you are new to thermal spray or just seeking replacement parts, we have some of the highest quality equipment available.

Duraloy Spray Jet

A powder spray torch designed for thermal spraying with self-fluxing alloys and melting at the same time. The DURALOY and DURALOY PLUS torch can be used with most types of metal, provided that the melting point is higher than the working temperature of the alloy. Powder particles pass through the flame and bonded onto the working piece by fusion with the parent metal. The DURALOY PLUS torch features comfortable handling with its integrated quick action shut-off valve. When interrupted, the previously adjusted gas mixture, is maintained - meaning there is no time wasted on red-adjusting the mixture when setting up for operation again. The DURALOY PLUS torch is perfect for stop and go work.


MiniSpray Jet

When wear and corrosive protection are a factor, consider the MiniSpray Jet - a flame spraying gun for thermal spraying with powder using an oxy-fuel flame. The MiniSpray Jet is suitable for manual use and applications with a manipulator, like a robot or linear unit. This light weight thermal spray gun is also great for mobile applications. Safety and function are guaranteed through a gas mixture system using the injector principle. Suitable fuels for this tool are: acetylene, propane (for zinc and plastic powders) and hydrogen in combination with oxygen, as well as compressed air used for cooling purposes.


UniSpray Jet

With all the features of the MiniSpray Jet plus increased durability and productivity, the UniSpray Jet is a combustion powder spray torch designed for hot and cold process thermal spray, using a variety of powders and substrates. The following fuel gases can be used: acetylene, propane, hydrogen in combination with oxygen, as well as compressed air used for cooling purposes.

- Integrated powder transport system
- Versatile: Many types of transport gases can be used
- Overhead position through removable and 180° changeable powder connection
- Just one powder connector with adjustable slider for different capacities
- Lever to turn gas on and off without changing the settings
- Model for the connection of an external separate powder feeder or two external powder feeders (UniSpray Jet Dual)


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